Spring…snow day?!


Yeah…it happened. Thankfully, Mister Rogers is back on Twitch and the craft drawer always has something to do!

Oldest and I water-colored together but then he really wanted to make a new pot holder.

We were lucky…I’m being optimistic here…and got TWO snow days. I knitted and the kids, once again, got to dive into the craft drawer.

What will tomorrow bring…hopefully spring!!


Longing for Spring…


Man, I wish spring would get here. We’re experiencing a winter time warp where this late-winter shenanigans is sucking time and energy from me. I’ve been knitting like mad to stave off this extended seasonal depression…I crave warm days out back. I finished a warm buttery yellow square on my scrap-yarn blanket and just cast on a grassy green.

In mom-crafts news, Oldest kid has snack day the same day as his class’s egg hunt. I can’t keep up with a lot of the cute things other mom’s do for snack, but I decided to try my version of “bunny food,” which is just a poor man’s version of sweet chex-mix. I even tried to make a funny with my handmade labels…


Youngest and I put everything together, she so badly wants to be included in the Oldest’s activities. I told her she helped make the “big kid’s” snacks, which she liked. I notice she’s more into measuring and mixing while my oldest is into painting and art.

Supposedly, we have one more snow storm to get through…I think this calls for casting on socks….

FO #6: “Peek-At-You!”


I’m cutting this close but here’s a Friday Finished Object!! My version of the Egg-to-______ pattern: The Pokeball-to-Pikachu.

I did this entirely on live stream at twitch. Who knew there was a great knitting community there! Tonight’s stream was intense because I got so focused, I forgot to talk…I’m still learning.

This was a fun challenge, I designed and knit it as I went. I actually forgot to make the stripes on his back, but here’s hoping my kid won’t notice. I’ll type up my notes but I’m not sure anyone else would want this pattern.

My next cast-on will be something from deep stash and from my queue…I swear! Or i could focus on some blanket squares….decisions, decisions….

WIP Wednesday #8: “Peek at You!”

Wow, I can’t believe it has been a week since I last blogged. Things have been crazy, but in a good way. Through it all, I’ve been knitting!

I’m still plugging away at my sweater but I also started something cool: I’ve started to live-stream knitting on Twitch! I’m designing/knitting my own version of an “Egg-to-____” toy. My oldest loves Pikachu, so I’m making a Pokeball-to-Pikachu…or as I call it, a “Peek-at-you!”


My set up is super basic and the husband has helped with some of the tech stuff. So far, I’m mainly in test-mode and figuring out the best times to stream and re-learning not to say “um” and “like” a lot. I’m still working out the kinks…more to come on this….

This what I got done last night:


We’ve got some snow coming our way, so hopefully that means knitting for me! I’m also working on my blanket; I’m adding a silk square from the left over yarn from the shawl I just finished. So fancy….


WIP Wednesday #7: Poolside


Well, I wish I had more to show you. I read the pattern without my glasses and knit 3.5 inches longer under the arms than I needed to, so I spent some time ripping back.

Finally on the lace and I’m not impressed. The lace pattern is super easy but I think my yarn isn’t the best choice. I’m going to keep knitting and see how I feel. It just looks…clunky to me.

The pattern is Poolside and the yarn is KnitPicks CotLin in colorway Nightfall.

I’m going to keep on keeping on…I’m telling myself you can’t judge lace before you’re done the first chart repeat…

Finger Puppet Theater!

Easter is coming up. Each holiday, I try to make something handmade for the kids. I recently picked up some finger puppets for their Easter baskets and decided they needed a little place to put on a puppet show.


We have a bunch of scrap wood since we have a fire-place and our neighbor is a cabinet-maker. We’re redoing out fireplace, so it’s out of commission; might as well dust off my genetic wood-working skills.


My design was super simple: a frame with legs, the back and front drops are on tension rods. I used whatever nails I have around. Not pictured is me with the handsaw and terrifying my mom. I also sanded down the edges with 100 grit, just to knock off the corners.

Also worked from what fabric I had in the stash. At first, I was just going to do a match back and front drop but decided the go with a sky/ground motif with the two different polka-dot fabrics. I decided against the green, it clashed with the blue.


For what feels like the first time in my life, I finished all my seams! It helps actually using my iron and not feeling rushed/cramped. I did the back drop full length because then the kids can use it standing or sitting and it won’t bunch funny like some of the ones I’ve seen in stores or at play-dates.


Ta da! It’s actually big enough for hand puppets, I think. I’m debating on staining or painting the frame, what do you think?


*Funny voices while giving myself a puppet show*



Sure enough, after watching more TV in the last two weeks than I have in about 2 years, I sat down to knit without the din of sports television. It feels so weird.

Alas, I did get a lot of knitting done. In the last 17 days, I knit 3 toys, finished a shawl, cast on a sweater and knit 2.5 blanket squares.The latest blanket square is the yarn butt leftover from said shawl.