WIP #14: Chasing Staircases


After yesterday’s excitement, I’m excited to work on my ONE AND ONLY work in progress.

This is my current travel project. So far it works up nice and easy. Here’s the run down:

Pattern: Chasing Staircases by Dragon Hoard Designs

Yarn: Hand-dyed local wool by my friends at Mountain Laurel Yarns. I call the color “Venus Fly Trap” because it is green with hints of red, brown, and deeper green.

I have two hanks of this yarn so I’m going to knit until I run out or lose interest.




After almost 5 years of WIP-status, my longest running project is D-O-N-E!


I gave myself all of 2018 to finish and averaged a few squares a week. Since I started live-streaming, the last few months had squares flying. I have a separate page over here.

Probably should also mention, due to upcoming back-to-school, vacation shuffling, and some home improvement stress, I really pushed myself in July and August. In the last week alone (while watching The North American Scrabble Tournament and The Hairy Bikers) I knit over 20 squares.

Now that my WIP basket is empty, I kinda feel sad but a huge WIP weight is off my shoulders. I’ve been working on this blanket for my kids’ entire lives, which is really weird to think about. Now they get to enjoy it. I think back to when I started and I’m a totally different person and have a completely foreign lifestyle to the person who first cast-on the first square.

This is totally wild.

As with anything that’s been shoved into bags, carted around, and dragged for almost 5 years, it desperately needs a bath. After folding it up (what a good feeling!), it was time for the soak. I know it will grow and get even bigger and maybe a tiny bit felted over time, but I wanted the first wash to be by hand. With any luck, the rain will stop for more than a day and I’ll dry it on the line.


Now is a good time to thank everyone who has given me “yarn butts” for this project over the years. I look at squares and think fondly of my own past projects, but I also look at squares and think of friends and their past projects.

Sigh. I think I’m done long-term WIPs for a while. But you never know…

Vacation Part 1


August is going to be a crazy month. Somehow, I still found some time to knit.

I cast on a new project: Chasing Staircases by Dragon Hoard Designs with hand-dyed wool by Mountain Laurel Yarns.

It’s an easy pattern and I’m going to knit until I run out of yarn. I knit on the cutest enclosed porch while my kids drove our friend crazy out on a canoe. So relaxing…..

The colors in the yarn reminds me of a venus fly trap, but next to our sunscreen, I see more yellow. We’ll just have to see how she knits up.

Enjoy these last moments of summer…

The swap package has entered the building!


My swap package has arrived!! Every year, my Ravelry friends do a summer swap. We swap yarn, motions, trinkets, food, and local goodies.

This year, I sent my package off to Edinburgh and I received one from Australia!

Now the wait begins, opening day isn’t til the end of the month….

Also, oldest insisted we make the swap package a face if it *has* to sit around unopened. Needless to say, The Husband is creeped out.

Sew, I am in denial again…


Hiyo, summer is almost over and I refuse to believe it. Going into summer, I knew I’d have one kid in school but life has a way of things and here we are, I will have 2 kids in school. One in the morning, one in the afternoon. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Anyway, Oldest has a supply list and while I’m knocking things off it here and there, I’ve been sewing after bedtime to keep busy. I made a little pouch with some scraps. I should finish the Shark pencil-case, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m in denial about my denial, so what better way to combat that with some good ‘ole procrastination!


The Homestretch….


I haven’t talked about the scrap yarn blanket in a while…it’s the knitted elephant in my craft room. Happily, the end is near. I’m on the second to last row. When I remember to update it, you can keep track of my progress here.

Thanks to live-streaming, I’ve been making progress. Turns out talking to myself while knitting does make a difference.

My end-date goal is the end of the year, but with 20 squares to go, I’m hoping to finish well before that but we’ll see… I feel like I should mention it is currently THE ONLY thing on my needles. That never happens.